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Choralex Compact
Choralex Compact
Choralex Compact
Choralex Compact
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Choralex Compact

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The Choralex Compact is designed especially for singers. It boasts a reduced size and width, and is 10% lighter than the most similar Black Folder version. The Choralex Compact is slim in size and reduces crowding on choir risers during choral performances.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-Orders reserve future production for you in our current allocation of B2C (direct sales to musicians: 50%+) and B2B (sales to music stores, up to 50%), from each production run.Full disclosure:

We are currently producing thousands of folders each month for you. We typically produce 2000-3000 of one type of folder at a time and cycle through about 5 types of our most popular folders. So, it might be a few weeks to a few months if 'your' folder is in an upcoming production run (that is not already fully reserved). Or it might be 3-6 months if the next production run of a few thousand folders is ALREADY filled up and we cycle through building 10,000-15000 other folders before doing 'your' type again.

Our this-year goal is to ramp up to about 6000-8000 folders/month which should meet demand and catch up. That's a lot of folders.

Thanks for your patience and understanding of this fair system of reservation that we are implementing.

Singers’ performance folder
Light and less wide
Good for compact spaces
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Product Description

The Choralex Compact is uniquely a singer's folder (in contrast to our Deluxe version of The Black Folder, designed for both singers and conductors).

We've shaved 10% off the weight of the nearest comparable "Black Folder" version, and trimmed the size and concert configuration width down just a bit so you're not so crowded when you're performing with too many people packed on too few risers. The back panel is one-piece construction, as opposed to 3 panels stitched together. The spine is thicker and more durable, more rounded and comfortable, and with special deep grooves that allow the material to flex around the hinge. Those grooves also help to dissipate perspiration from your hand if you're performing under hot stage lights.

The Choralex Compact still holds A4 and US letter and common score sizes easily and has room for a ring adapter, and double cords as well. In fact, the capacity inside is slightly greater, so we can offer 1-inch or 3/4-inch ring sizes as available options.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxH): (10 3/8 x 12 3/4)in. or (264 x 324)mm

incredibly light and strong at 13.6 oz. (380g)

pencil holders - at both left and right

cross strap at base detachable so the folder can be opened wide angles in when closed to become a bookmark

durable, lightweight black leatherette

clear pocket at left

wide inner aluminum hinge with 10 elasticized cords to hold scores

corner protectors

business card pocket with name card

expandable surplus music pocket at right

holds North American and International paper sizes

hand strap at back

opens to approx. 17 inches wide in concert configuration

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