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Deer River Folio continuation

Update: Feb 2024:

We have taken over operations of Deer River Folio and received all their remaining partially built folders, materials, and machinery.

Our intention was to continue and fill all open orders, and carry on with their most popular versions.  Ongoing supply chain issues, worn out DRF machinery problems, and impractical 5-figure minimum supply orders for producing colors (other than black), with minimal orders for color folders compared to black...coupled with an unprofitable year in 2023...have changed original plans.

While we do intend to finish up partially built remaining black and color folders and post them on the web site when ready (if not already spoken for in the back orders which DRF did not fulfil)...we are now not planning to provide more color folders, as we focus production on a smaller number of very popular folders produced in high volume, to ensure a necessary return to profitability in 2024.

The main exception to the above is the large band folder with flappy pencil pocket that many people are used to: #73 - we'll start that up again soon in black. 

Note, importantly, that the VAST MAJORITY of their folders are already made by us in better versions with improved materials, and reinforcing that didn't exist in DRF's similar folders.

-Ian Bullen