General News / Queues / Supply Chain Issues

General news / queues / supply chain issues

May2024 update:

When a certain folder is out-of-stock, "pre-order" reservations are now ranging from weeks to 1-2 months to fulfill, depending on our production sequence which cycles between different folder models. 

April production nearly reached 8000 folders, but a high rate of non-conformances reduced order-filling, with folders diverted as  "Grade A" near-perfect folders. We expect to be able to fill all orders that were waiting for Band Folders by mid-month in May.

Thank you for your patience and brand loyalty, and we will keep your trust with the quality craftsmanship we put into your long-lasting folders.

My strong recommendation for those who don't want to wait, is to grab any "Grade A factory second" folders you can see, described in our 'Discounted Factory Seconds'  section, even for an entire choir order, because we're pretty ruthless with quality control, and their 'non-conforming' issues range from undetectable by many, in addition to the significant 25% minimum discount. There is a total of *thousands* available; they're the best deal going, and can ship immediately. One thing that people may not realize is that one reason we have so many Grade A folders, is because our production target for 2024 is 100,000 folders.


General news and current plans:
The past couple years have been incredible in terms of our primary component suppliers going bankrupt or closing business for various reasons.

We have responded to this supply chain chaos by taking on all manufacturing functions of former key suppliers and are expanding our staff by more than double. We have set up significant credit lines and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into equipment and supplies purchases as we have set up a new bindery division. 

And bought other folder manufacturers. NEWS: last year we purchased remaining assets of Deer River Folio Co., and their machinery and an array of incomplete folios has arrived to a warehouse across the street. Much of their machinery, sadly, is worn out and in need of vastly more extensive repair than expected. Slowly, we'll add their popular folders into the mix as we prioritize existing designs and ratchet up our production to a higher monthly capacity.

All this isn't done overnight, and demand is higher than what we can supply, until we are fully staffed, and smoothly operating. Some popular folders have significant waiting lists that will expand to a month or two and miss concerts, instead of our former order-in-the-morning-ship-this-afternoon fulfillment. 

Know that we wouldn't invest this much, nor put in insane weekly hours to roll out these projects, unless we believed that it would all work out in the end, with benefits of vertical integration and eventual better control of quality, in-house, here. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience.

May 2024 planning will see completion of batches of :

  • 7000 Band & Orchestra folders - which should keep us in stock for a month or two.
  • Approximately 3000 of a mix of Deluxe, Standard and Deluxe Classroom Choral folders.
  • Note that we have significant numbers of red folders (new) available, about 800 in choir and band sizes, and will finish some other incomplete builds from Deer River Folio, making them ready to purchase.  Get them while they last!

-Ian Bullen